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Work Coveralls

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Work Coveralls

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Standard Commercial and Industrial Coveralls (Flame Resistant and Non-Flame Resistant)

Anchortex Corporation offers a broad selection of commercial and industrial coveralls, overalls, and jumpsuits for protection from the day-to-day hazards of the workplace, protecting the clothing and the person underneath while conveying a uniform appearance that enhances professionalism and improves overall morale. Like all high quality traditional industrial coveralls and jumpsuits, most of our work jumpsuits can be customized with silk-screened or embroidered logos to further increase the professional appearance of the workplace. 

Flame Resistant Coveralls

Flame resistant coveralls and flame resistant overalls are required for many industries where flash fire and electric arc flash hazards are or may be present, including the oil and gas industry. There are two types of FR coveralls available – inherently FR and treated FR.  FR Coveralls that are inherently FR, like Nomex, aremade flame-resistant for life, which means that no matter how many times they are laundered or how long they are worn, the material will always remain flame-resistant. Treated FR fabrics have a chemical applied to them that makes them flame resistant; however, normal wear, laundering, abrasion, and UV exposure gradually reduces the protective value of the garment over time.