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Disposable Protective Clothing

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Disposable Protective Clothing

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Disposable Protective Clothing

The use of chemical protective clothing (CPC) for vapor and splash protection is one aspect of a comprehensive program for ensuring the safety and health of workers. A careful evaluation of the hazards is necessary so that a selection can be made that minimizes the risk to the user. For chemical situations, knowing the hazard includes being aware of the type of chemical, the physical state (liquid, solid or gas) and the physiological effect (toxic, carcinogen, asphyxiant, corrosive, etc.). Knowing the level of exposure is also important when selecting protective clothing and equipment.

Basic level C chemical protective equipment such as disposable coveralls offers chemical splash protection, but does not prevent exposure to gases or vapors. An air-purifying respirator is used for respiratory protection. This level is used when the type and concentration of chemicals are known and it has been established that an air-purifying respirator is appropriate protection for the hazard. Otherwise, level A or level B hazmat suits and chemical protection clothing are more appropriate chemical protective apparel.

Disposable protective apparel options are available for a variety of applications. When choosing the appropriate level of protection needed, it is helpful to ask the following questions: 

What are you trying to keep off? Dry particulates, light spray, liquid splash, or chemicals.

What is the size of the particulate/liquid? Bigger or smaller than a grain of sand. 

If it is chemical, what is the chemical? Diluted solution or hazardous chemical.

What are the work conditions and exposure time? Consider temperature and length of exposure to work hazards when selecting a suit. 

What size do you need? Select one size larger than actual size. 

Based on these answers, a variety of options exist, including: 

PosiWear UB: Ultimate Barrier offers the highest level of barrier protection in the PosiWear family against light sprays, liquid splash, and limited chemicals. Passes US and European standards for liquid barrier, blood, and viral penetration.

PosiWear BA: Breathable Advantage provides ideal balance between protection and comfort with a microporous material that resists small dry particulates, light spray, and liquid splash while enhancing breathability. Passes US and European standards for liquid barrier and bloodborne pathogens. 

PosiWear M3: Five layers of spunbond and meltblown polypropylene filters particulates preventing them from reaching wearer but allowing for a high level of breathable comfort.

PosiWear FR: Flame Resistant material designed to self-extinguish when sparks are present protecting the worker’s underlying suit. Features highest oil repellency in the market making it ideal for use in refineries. 

PE Laminate/Coated: A low-cost alternative providing lightweight protection against non-hazardous light spray and splash. 

Microporous: An economical, breathable material designed for use in applications with dry particulates and liquid spray. 

Polypropylene: Available in heavy or standard weight providing barrier protection against non-hazardous dry particulates.

Chemical resistance data on all of our chemical protective apparel is available upon request if not listed on a product.