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Walk-Through and Handheld Metal Detectors

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Walk-Through and Handheld Metal Detectors

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Security Checkpoint Walkthrough and Handheld Metal Detectors

In today's security-conscious world, regulations are strict when it comes to metal detectors designed for inspecting people and cargo, and security personnel need equipment with the best performance and functionality on a day-to-day basis. We supply law enforcement and government, military, correctional, courtrooms, loss prevention, event security, and building security personnel with devices to meet specific needs of sensitivity and throughput. For high traffic areas, walkthrough metal detectors that can ignore background noise and screen out personal metal objects while detecting dangerous metal objects minimize nuisance alarms while maintaining security needs. High sensitivity walk-through metal detectors as well as hand-held metal detectors can detect objects as small as a single razor blade while still filtering out environmental interference. Our security metal detectors allow a trained professional to monitor a security checkpoint in a secured area, either in person or remotely, with products used in a broad variety of applications including public schools, factories, manufacturing facilities, transportation network hubs, warehouses, sporting and entertainment events, security checkpoints, military checkpoints, law enforcement and police departments, correctional facilities, homeland security, prisons, cargo and mail screening, and any other location that may be under threat. Many of these products are portable for quick deployment when needed, and are designed for ease of use without sacrificing safety. We encourage buyers to contact our sales department with a list of requirements for quantity quotes and freight estimates, and to peruse our X-ray scanner section for further inspection of packages and cargo.