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Class B Tactical Duty Uniforms

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Class B Tactical Duty Uniforms

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Class B Police, Fire and EMS Uniforms, Tactical Clothing, and Security Uniforms

Public safety uniforms can usually be divided into two basic categories  -- traditional police uniforms, which project a more approachable, ready-to-serve appearance, and tactical uniforms, which project a more practical, ready-to-fight approach.  Class B tactical duty uniforms are intended for use on patrol or active duty by private and public safety and security personnel, including police departments, county sheriffs, corporate security officers, correctional facility staff, and homeland security professionals.

Traditional police uniforms are more formal than tactical duty uniforms.  The traditional police clothing usually includes the same short sleeve or long sleeve police dress shirts and police dress pants such as those worn with a Class A police uniform, worn with laced black duty oxfords, a round or octagonal police hat, and a police badge.  These traditional police uniforms are used for day-to-day operations to convey authority and a professional appearance. In many cases, police departments focus around the ideal combination of dark blue pants and light blue shirt, as psychological tests have found that the color blue is associated with feelings of security and comfort, and that a half-light/half-dark uniform conveys a warm and friendly message not conveyed by a darker uniform.

However, police officers who need to carry more tactical gear require tactical uniforms, which feature cargo-pocket pants, BDU shirts, sturdy tactical boots, a baseball cap, and possibly even a jumpsuit or combat helmet in special circumstances.  Many special circumstances require black or dark colors but this makes them less suitable for day-to-day use, as these dark colors are subconsciously seen as intimidating by the public. Therefore, most departments opt to switch between traditional and tactical uniforms depending on the assignment, the requirements of their community, the shift they're working, or other relevant factors.

Regardless of what type of duty uniform you require, Anchortex Corporation is ready to deliver.