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Police Outerwear and Rainwear

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Police Outerwear and Rainwear

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Security and Police Outerwear and Rainwear

Anchortex Corporation offers styles of police jackets that cover the entire spectrum of climate and situation, from lightweight, weatherproof shells with removable liners for rainy days to emergency response high visibility, reflective, insulated and chemical resistant tactical jackets for large scale emergency scenarios.

Leather police jackets for highway patrol officers and motorcycle police officers offer wind resistance and abrasion resistance as well as protection from the weather, and police jackets made from Gore-Tex fabric are waterproof, windproof, breathable jackets with the same quality as that provided to our United States military customers.

Law enforcement uniform outerwear is a necessity for those who patrol in colder climates, extreme weather conditions, or in emergency tactical situations. Ike jackets, waist and parka length jackets keep you comfortable and protect you from cold, snow, rain, and harsh winds, while preserving your uniform appearance and protecting your police tactical duty equipment underneath.

Many law enforcement outerwear styles are available with reflective striping for officer safety during nighttime traffic stops.  For even more visibility choose from one of several ANSI class 2 or class 3 outerwear options for high visibility on the roadway.

Specialty law enforcement outerwear, such as bicycle patrol or range jackets, is designed for the most active law enforcement and public safety professionals.  The right police duty uniform outerwear will keep you warm and dry and safe no matter what the weather or how long you need to be outside.

Anchortex Corporation offers a broad selection of security and police outerwear for practically any situation, including leather jackets, class A dress coats, high-visibility outerwear, and lightweight rainwear.