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Military Clothing - Outerwear

Military Clothing - Outerwear

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Military Outerwear for All Branches of Service

Anchortex Corporation provides field jackets, fleece jackets, tanker jackets, trouser liners, and other military outerwear to our service personnel in the US Armed Forces for use on base and in forward deployment zones, with fast shipping and low prices.

Air Force APECS Uniform Outerwear

APECS Parkas and APECS Trousers provide Air Force personnel with comfort in the wettest weather conditions while performing their duties on base or in forward deployment zones.

Army ECWCS Extended Cold Weather Clothing System

Anchortex Corporation is proud to provide the United States Army with cold weather apparel to meet ECWCS mil-spec on base or in forward deployment zones with fast shipping and low prices.

ABUs - Airman Battle Uniform Approved Outerwear

Airman Battle Uniform approved outerwear includes the following items:

All Purpose Environmental Clothing System (APECS). For outdoor use only as outerwear. APECS coats and APECS trousers use Air Force digitized tiger stripe print, and require a slip-on rank insignia to be worn on the rank tab. A sage green fleece liner may be worn under the APECS, as long as it is not visible.

Sage Green Fleece. The sage green fleece can be worn outdoors by itself with the Airman Battle Uniform, but must be removed when indoors (local commanders can allow indoor wear as mission needs dictate.) It can only be worn over the ABU coat. When worn as an outer garment, uniform regulations require a Velcro ABU print last name tape with dark blue block lettering centered between the zipper and sleeve seam on wearer's right chest. Regulations also require a 2 inch squared Velcro subdued cloth rank insignia with solid sage green background (no ABU pattern on background) flushed and centered above the last name tape on the wearer's right chest. A Velcro ABU print US Air Force service tape with dark blue, block lettering will be placed even with the last name tape and centered between zipper and sleeve seam on wearer's left chest.