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Hospital Hamper Bags

Hospital Hamper Bags
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I100129 BeShieldHamperBag
I100129 NylonHamperBag

Hospital bags - often called hamper bags - are easily identified because they have flip top closures instead of draw cords. The JCHC usually requires this type of bag in hospitals to help with infection control. They are used in health care facilities where germs need to be as contained as possible. Almost all hamper bags today are made of 100% synthetic materials, which do not absorb germs, odors, or moisture. Many hamper bags are made of fluid resistant barriers, or even 100% fluid retardant fabrics. They are often printed with biohazard logos.



BeGard – the main options for Begard bags are elastic and printing. A majority of users get their Begard bags with elastic in the top to make sure they do not slide off a stand. But a good number of users think this is unnecessary. Since BeGard bags are waterproof, they are mainly used when it is important that there is no leakage. So, many users have biohazard or other logos screened in brighter colors on the bags. Use BeGard bags where 100% fluid repellency is required.

BeGard fabric is an 8 oz. per square yard, vinyl coated, polyester fabric that is impervious to fluids. Note: Fabric will remain fluid impervious for approximately 100 washes.

Standard Options: Biohazard logo; Dumping loops; Color coding; Decontamination flap; Elastic in hem (flip fop only)

Colors: White, Light Blue, Yellow, Teal

Standard Sizes: 24x36, 30x40, 40x40



BeShield - Nearly all BeShield barrier bags have elastic in the top to make sure they do not slide off the stand. Many are screened. However, this is more cosmetic than useful because a hospital using BeShield barrier bags tends to use them throughout the hospital; thus, they do not require special markings. Use BeShield barrier bags where great fluid resistance is desired, but 100% fluid repellency is not required.

BeShield fabric is 100% filament polyester fabric that is fluid resistant. Note: BeShield fabric is not guaranteed to be leakproof; it is only resistant to fluid. Fabric will remain fluid resistant for approximately 85 washings.

Standard Options: Biohazard logo; Decontamination flap; Color coding stripe

Colors: White, Light Blue, Navy, Teal

Standard Sizes: 24x36, 30x40, 40x40



Nylon/polyester – Nylon/polyester bags are the most commonly used hospital bag. They are synthetic, so they do not absorb moisture or odors. They are strong and therefore durable. They are mostly uncoated, so they do not repel liquids unless coated fabrics are specifically used. Hospitals that want bags that are resistant to liquids but heavier than BeShield medical barrier fabric bags often specify coated 200 denier. All of these materials use slick, filament yarn. So all synthetic bags larger than chairback size, have elastic tops to keep the bags from falling off the stand. Another option for these bags is to use different colors. Colors are used to code linen for different departments.

Standard Options: Biohazard logo; Decontamination flap; Color coding stripe

Colors: Royal, Navy, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Red, Yellow, White

Standard Sizes: 24x36, 30x40, 40x40


How do you decide which fabric to use? The type of fabric you use depends on 3 things:

  • How roughly the bags will be treated.
  • Whether you want liquid resistance or water repelling.
  • What sort of controls you have? Will you lose the bags before they wear out, or do you get the full useful life out of most bags.
  • There is one other thing to remember: bags are normally made to fit x-stands of one kind or another. These give some, so bags fit snugly, which is good. However, some stands are circular, triangular, or square. These stands do not give at all, so a normal bag, after normal shrinkage, may end up too small for the stand. Those stands usually require that bags be about 2 inches longer. Those must be specially made, and are, therefore, more expensive.


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